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Tegan Bristow, Editor in Chief & Digital Editor

Tegan Bristow, Editor in Chief & Digital Editor Tegan Bristow is an interactive media artist and Senior Lecturer in Interactive Digital Media at the Digital Arts Division of the University of Witwatersrand. Bristow is co-founder and 2016 – 2020 Director of the Fak’ugesi African Digital Arts Festival. Bristow has an MA from Wits University in […]

Editorial Board

[…] Ellipses Journal of Creative Research is managed by an Editor in Chief and Digital Editor, currently both roles are held by Dr. Tegan Bristow. Contact Dr. Bristow: tegan.bristow @ wits .ac .za The Editor in Chief is supported by an Editorial Board made up of Wits School of Arts, non Wits affiliated Regional members […]

Embodied-entanglements | Entangled-embodiments

– please note this is a pre review and in process presentation for Issue III

Jacaranda Time: Diagrams of Collaboration

“Our own order is disrupted when we take another’s routines and certainties” Quantum Of Disorder, Hediger, I & Schaschl, S. (2015) Jacaranda Time: Diagrams of Collaboration asks questions concerning the formats and complexities of inter-disciplinary collaborative creative encounters. Exploring through the lens of Jacaranda Time, an inter-disciplinary performance developed in October 2017 as part the 2nd Season for […]

Palinopsia / After Image

“An exploration of the tension between permanence and impermanence.” “Death and time were always in alliance.” – John Berger (1984). In Palinopsia / After Image, I am making reference to both a performed installation piece and the online adaptation of this time related concept. Palinopsia (Palin > again + ōps > eye) is defined as a visual disorder in […]