Call for Submissions

Submission are currently closed.
Calls for submission for Issue III will be open in early 2019.

[…] Ellipses Journal acts to use the multi-media and interactive online spaces of the internet in the presentation of possibilities and potentials for publishing of creative and artistic research. 

Creative practice outside of creative writing is presented and engaged with via physical exhibitions, live performances, on site installations, collaborative developments, etc.  And yet when presented as research, the norm is to present reflective written research via books and text based journals.  […] Ellipses proposes the meeting of the ‘liveness’ of creative practice and the published form via an online and interactive journal for creative research.  In aim is to retain a creative encounter with the work for an audience and to engage practitioners in a continued creative encounter with making.


Submissions are managed with (name of system) via which all submissions are reviewed and given feedback. Submissions or request for submissions via the Journals contact form will not be accepted. 

For a submission to be considered

  1. Authors must create an author profile with full biographical information and publication / practice history in (name of system).
  2. Submit a proposal for new or existing research, indicating how it responded to the theme of the call under that profile.
  3. Authors must indicate how they envision the work to be presented in a multi-media and /or interactive manner. Once accepted this is subject to change and enhancement going forward.

Review and Publication Process

  1. All submissions are reviewed by the Editor in Chief, Issue Editor and Digital Editor of the Journal via (name of system).
  2. Before a submission is finally accepted, authors of submissions accepted by Editors in (name of system), enter a second phase of submission review in which they work directly with Editors to explore how their proposed submission can be presented online as multi-media and/or interactive pieces.
  3. Once submissions have passed the second submission review phase, authors will work closely with the Issue and Digital Editors and the digital content team to develop the piece for the journals online publication.
  4. Developed submissions are sent for blind peer review via an access only section of Journal site and managed via (name of system). 
  5. Each submission receives two blind peer reviews, which can be responded to, within limits. 
  6. Once changes are made, the works are published live and the peer reviews are published (reviewers may remain anonymous).

Journal Frequency

[…] Ellipses Journal issues are published annually with occasional Special Issues in the same year.  Annual issues are theme based and led by an elected Issue Editor/s, who develop the annual call for submissions. 

Need to know more

Journal submissions are taken in response to annual issue calls. To know more or be informed when future calls are issued, please send your details via the contact form.