Alana Blignaut, Digital Editor

Alana Blignaut is an interdisciplinary visual artist and research candidate for the degree MA in Fine Arts by coursework and research report at the University of the Witwatersrand. Her research interests includes Forensic Aesthetics, critical historiography and understandings of citizenship. Her MAFA research, Desire for the Public: Facial Averaging and the Index, features Average Faces of ‘known and suspected activists’ produced from the albums of the apartheid-era Security Branch. As such, it explores Facial Averaging as a method that embodies a desire to make archival facial imagery relating to traumatic historical events open to public consideration without revealing personal information of those imaged; and the Interface as a historiographic intervention into the archive. She has also contributed work, research and writing (under Rian Blignaut) to the travelling exhibition Poisoned Pasts: Legacies of the South African Chemical and Biological Warfare Programme (2016-present) curated by Kathryn Smith, Chandré Gould and Brian Rappert and hosted by the Nelson Mandela Foundation.