Naadira Patel, Issue Editor

Naadira Patel is a Visual Artist, Graphic Designer and Arts and Architecture Lecturer.  She currently leads studiostudioworkwork, a multidisciplinary art, research and design studio covering a range of publishing related practices with a focus on issues of social justice, new surveillance landscapes, and questions surrounding productivity and work. She has an MA in Cultural Analysis (2015) from the University of Amsterdam’s School for Cultural Analysis, and a BA Fine Arts (2010) from the Wits School of Arts. Naadira currently co-teaches in the Unit18: Hyperreal Prototypes program at the Graduate School of Architecture at the University of Johannesburg  alongside Sarah de Villiers.  Her research areas cover issues arising from new forms of technology that shape, manipulate or augment our experiences of and our existence within the world; emerging forms of surveillance capitalism; and questions on the new world of work, with a focus on ideas of precarious labour, and productivity.