End User

Authors : Cameron Harris
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End User is a program designed to confound anyone who dares to use it. The User must create audio by finding his/her way in and out of each scene. When the program closes, the User will be left with an audio file on their desktop of their creation which will be individual to the manner in which the game has been played. The idea, then, takes a different slant from a traditional video game where music accompanies action as the User tries to succeed in certain tasks. Here the task is to create interesting audio; the game exists in order to foster this creation and is subordinate to this aim. Once the User has their audio file, I hope they will find some cool sounds when they dip into it, which, if the User is so motivated, can be further worked with and form raw material for more creations. Power and control is thus given to the End User! The frustrations inherent in the program are a homage to some well-known games from the past. However, without access to your own babel fish dispenser it is possible you may eventually decide to look at the ‘spoilers’ and back doors that I have provided here. In such cases — shame on you! – CH, June 2015. Instructions To run the application, download the disk image using the link above then mount the disk image by double-clicking it. Inside the disk image, open the folder entitled EndUser and then click and drag (or copy and paste) the application to the Applications folder of your Mac. Disclaimer The program will only work on Apple computers (no PCs/Windows computers). The Apple computers must have a built in microphone and camera (as for example on a MacBook Pro or iMac) and these must be functional – the program will crash if it can’t see and gain access to the camera. The program was designed for MacBook Pro laptop computers and has been tested on MacBook Pro models dating from 2010 to 2015 (Yosemite). It has also been tested on an iMac (21.5 inch, late 2012 running OSX 10.9.5). Feel like cheating? Read the End User Spoilers.

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