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The Bantu Men’s Social Centre (BSMC): Towards a South African Jazz Hauntology

By Brett Pyper, Andrea Hayes,

From the mid 1920s, the Bantu Mens’ Social Centre (BMSC) served as a lively centre of cultural activity for black men – and some women – in Johannesburg, attracting and nurturing many outstanding intellectuals and artists.

Improvising Khoi’npsalms

By Garth Erasmus, Marietjie Pauw, Francois Blom, Andrea Hayes,

In this compilation that we call Improvising Khoi’npsalms, we as musicians reflect on some of the lingering effects that Khoi’npsalms deposited with us.

Jacaranda Time: Diagrams of Collaboration

By Mwenya B. Kabwe, Cameron Harris, Tegan Bristow,

Exploring the formats and complexities of inter-disciplinary collaborative creative encounters.

Palinopsia / After Image

By Jurgen Meekel, Tegan Bristow,

Palimpsestic connections between the passing of time and the inevitability of death.


By Dubmorphology, Gary Stewart, Trevor Mathison,

End User

By Cameron Harris,

Shades of Words

By Andile Khumalo,


By Jyoti Mistry,

Portal: The Letters

By Marianne Thesen Law, Felix Kawitzky, Alana Blignaut,

An archive for interdimensional exploration and paranormal curiosity.