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Image by Nkgopoleng Moloi

begin end Abstract The legacy of patriarchy and misogyny has resulted in a pervasive culture that makes womxn feel unsafe in Johannesburg. Due to this, womxn have had to find strategies of survival to allow them to navigate the city —these strategies entail their own mappings of routes and lines that allow them to move through the city. Through this research, I will examine my own journey of walking from the Gautrain Park Station to the Wits Art Museum via Jorissen Street—using my own experiences as a method to generate insight and knowledge. The framework underpinning this research is the notion of theorising from the epicentres of our own agency, particularly thinking through how womxn can use their own embodied experiences of living in the world as a valid starting point from which h Wits Art Museum via Jorissen Street Narratives of Mobility // Navigating from Gautrain Park Station to If When you get provoked, keep moving. Do not make eye contact. Remember that there is strength in numbers. Beware of any place that is isolated. Points of Safety: Rea Vaya Bus stop (students, particularly female students. Male students can also be predators). Strategy: Tactics: Hair salons (plenty of other womxn). Other Womxn and Children. Intersections (enough foot traffic). Grocery shops and general stores (families, womxn and school children). Be both visible and invisible. If When you get attacked, remember not to use gendered words or phrases to call for help. Allies: Walk at a steady pace.