Jenni-Lee Crewe, Issue Editor

Jenni-lee Crewe received her MFA in Design and Theatre Production from Tulane University in New Orleans in 2006. Before that she worked for the First Physical Theatre Company as their education officer as well as a choreographer, designer and performer. During this time she also taught choreography and design studies at Rhodes University. She has done stage design work in New Orleans as well as choreographing, devising and designing performance in South Africa and has received a Naledi award for stage design at the Market Theatre. She currently works as a stage designer and design lecturer for the Division of Dramatic Arts in the Wits School of Arts, where she is also a PhD candidate in the division of Fine Arts. Jenni-lee is a founding member of the Flying House performing arts collective. Her predominant areas of research lie in the relationship between body, image and text in contemporary performance and scenography.