[…] Ellipses Journal for Creative Research

[#2] Issue 2017-18   Open the Gates

The theme, Open the Gates suggests an actual and metaphorical opening of new possibilities, new assemblages and relations within sites of knowledge production. The call asked for projects that re-imagine and re-think the manifestation of creative research within the framework of an online journal. Ellipses foregrounds questions of the creative act and the modes of representation and remediation necessary and possible in the spaces of contemporary knowledge production online.  Tangential to this thematic are questions of how creative research is measured, conceived and produced within the academy. An opening of the institutional gates and the boundaries of disciplines opens possibilities for the emergence of new and multiple languages, forms and modes of presentation.
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60+: Queer, Old Joburg
Jonathan Cane

A living archive of older queer residents in Joburg.

Jacaranda Time: Diagrams for Collaboration
Cameron Harris, Mwenya Kabwe & Tegan Bristow

Exploring the formats and complexities of inter-disciplinary collaborative creative encounters.

Palinopsia on-line
Jurgen Meekel

Palimpsestic connections between the passing of time and the inevitability of death.

Portal: The Letters
Felix Kawtizky & Marianne Thesen Law

An archive for interdimensional exploration and paranormal curiosity.

Re-thinking Education as Conversation
Thulile Gamedze

Unpicking the language of capitalism and exploring the continued exile of the fugitive as an action of decoloniality.

Songs At the Gate
Sumeya Gasa, Shameelah Khan & Dylan Valley

An emergent video repository geared towards an understanding of the collective experiences of trauma by students participating in the Fees Must Fall movement.