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Alana Blignaut, Digital Editor

Alana Blignaut is an interdisciplinary visual artist and research candidate for the degree MA in Fine Arts by coursework and research report at the University of the Witwatersrand. Her research interests includes Forensic Aesthetics, critical historiography and understandings of citizenship. Her MAFA research, Desire for the Public: Facial Averaging and the Index, features Average Faces […]

Portal: The Letters

“… yours in space and time.” Portal: The Letters is a continuation of Portal: The Disappearance of Francis Lain; a collaborative project between Marianne Thesen Law (Max) and Felix Kawitzky, which began in 2016 as part of the Open Dialog Box project space series. The first iteration of the project takes the form of a docu-fiction, following […]

Re-Thinking Education as Conversation

“the continued exile of the fugitive as an action of decoloniality” Walter Mignolo talks about coloniality as the ‘darker side of modernity’ (2011). The reading of this thought into reality stretches across a number of colonially introduced binaries, where coloniality acts as the ‘other’, the less easily acknowledged underbelly, the discarded trash of modernist totality. […]