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Andrea Hayes, Digital Editor

Andrea Hayes, Digital Editor Andrea is an award-winning video game developer and game studies academic. She is currently finishing her Masters Degree, through Wits University, which looks at the representation of women in video games. Andrea has a passion for creative coding, experimenting with digital art and making video games. Andrea is a freelance website […]

Resistance To Ruin – Lithic Encounters

Have you ever noticed that the wild, or wilderness is always elsewhere? Another place, primordial forest, wild savanna, desert, mountain range unspoiled by the human, thriving elsewhere? Yet even a cursory investigation of dirt and crack reveals a complex biome of insistent thriving below our feet, bringing wilderness into the current urban landscape. This project […]

The Bantu Men’s Social Centre (BSMC): Towards a South African Jazz Hauntology

From the mid 1920s, the Bantu Mens’ Social Centre (BMSC) served as a lively centre of cultural activity for black men – and some women – in Johannesburg, attracting and nurturing many outstanding intellectuals and artists. This piece revisits the site nearly a full century after its opening, foregrounding how practices of listening, aurality and […]

Improvising Khoi’npsalms

In this compilation that we call Improvising Khoi’npsalms, we as musicians reflect on some of the lingering effects that Khoi’npsalms deposited with us. In March 2018 a series of four music performances, Khoi’npsalms, (Khoi-and-psalms) portrayed South African Khoi ‘memory music’ on bow, saxophone and blik’nsnaar (extended 1, see end of page), played by Garth Erasmus. […]

Building My Internet Universe

“I perform online for myself and for those watching.” Hey guys, welcome to my channel. If you’re new to my channel, I hope you like it and subscribe. My name is Natalie Paneng and today I am going to give you a tour of the open tabs of my Internet universe: breaking down the Internet, […]

You wouldn’t know God if he spat in your eye

“… an attempt to treat loss productively, by knowing what we can recuperate and what we can’t; what we can learn from absence, but also what we can unlearn through it.” This project consists of a series of short stories. They are based on each author’s experience of Dumile Feni’s scroll, which spends most of […]

60+: Queer, Old Joburg

“Cruising as archiving; archiving as cruising.” This project is a collaborative design piece evolving out of the archival work from the ongoing Wits City Institute, GALA and SeaM: Security at the Margins (Wits/Edinburgh) project to document the life histories of older LGBTIQ residents of Joburg. The design piece is a collaboration between Jonathan Cane of […]

Songs At The Gate

“The most haunting space is Solomon Mahlangu House…” Anzio Jacobs (2017) Many students were traumatised by the brutality of the police and private security during Fees Must Fall. Due to either the stigma of mental illness or lack of resources, most have had no counselling or psychological treatment. The aim of this project is to facilitate […]