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Bettina Malcomess, Issue Editor

Bettina Malcomess is a writer, academic and artist. Her work exists in a diverse set of media and forms, ranging from long duration performance to the staging of shorter interventions, and installation projects to the book as site of practice. She produces performances under the name Anne Historical. Malcomess’ writing traverses art, film, history, urbanism, […]

Editorial Board

[…] Ellipses Journal of Creative Research is managed by an Editor in Chief Dr. Tegan Bristow. Contact Dr. Bristow: tegan.bristow @ wits .ac .za The Editor in Chief is supported by an Editorial Board made up of Wits School of Arts, non Wits affiliated Regional members and non Wits affiliated International members. Each issue is […]

8 Seconds in Uneven Numbers

What emerges or is withheld in the demolition of a burnt-out building in the Johannesburg city centre at the end of November 2019? To this day, the cause of a fire at the Bank of Lisbon in September 2018, which lasted for 3 days and led to its implosion, has not been disclosed publicly. This […]

Village Main (1888 – )

My history with the site of the former Village Main Mine, just visible alongside the M2 highway, as the Joe Slovo onramp merges with the motorway heading West, begins as a student at Wits University in the mid 1990’s. Passing the head-gear of the mine on a daily basis, I was always fascinated by this […]