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Glen Mudau, Digital Editor

Glen Mudau, Digital Editor Glen is a digital designer, a web developer and an online marketing specialist who turns ideas and business requirements into digital solutions. He is always looking for new challenges to explore.  Glen’s tech stack includes: VueJS, AngularJS, React, Popular CMS’. Adobe. Microsoft. Vue. C#, JS/HTML/CSS. DevOps. Azure. AWS. Google (Analytics, Tag […]

Narratives Of Mobility

Patriarchy, misogyny and their legacy have resulted in a pervasive culture that makes womxn feel unsafe in central Johannesburg. Womxn have had to find strategies of survival to allow them to navigate. These strategies entail personal mappings of routes and lines that allow womxn to move through the city. I will examine my journey of […]

You Have A New Message

What of Johannesburg’s many deaths – and what if these could speak? What ghosts would rise, what would they say about Johannesburg’s continuities – its political, economic, and ecological dormancies and relapses? Operating at a multitude of spatial layers, this project seeks to reveal unseen currents, seepages, damage and ecological alterations, emergent through Johannesburg’s mining […]

Monsters & Fossils

“figures of the imagination … excavated from memory” Monsters and Fossils uses the interaction of performers’ bodies and light to explore disappearances and appearances of the body. The dance excavates the body’s materiality and asks how our imagination can be used to create physical situations that transcend the body’s representation and essentialized notions of identity. […]

Networked Embodiment

” … ​criticality of the digital medium.” Introduction The primary frame for this article is the network that has been established over the past five years through Floating Reverie. Floating Reverie is a digital residency programme which I started in early 2014; it consists of two components, an online digital residency programme called ‘//2Weeks’ and annual […]