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Skye Quadling, Issue Editor

Skye Quadling tries to do one art related project per year. She was born in 1992 and graduated from the Wits School of Art with a BAFA in 2014. She ran the short-lived PUSH gallery that was housed in a small red vending machine. Her work is featured on Google Arts and Culture and she […]

Karin Tan, Issue Editor

Karin Tan graduated from the Wits School of Art with a BAFA in 2015. She is currently the Information Officer at the GALA Queer Archive, predominantly contributing to their publishing, design and cultural work. Karin is also one half of the Johannesburg-based artist duo, Skye and Karin.


DigiCleanse is a specially adapted tangent of a broader project (Head in the Cloud – Working Title) which takes a fictional look at the effects of the long term exposure to environmental changes caused by mining. DigiCleanse takes a more pointed look at the sub-industries of mining. The website hopes to hint at the absurdities […]

Narratives Of Mobility

Patriarchy, misogyny and their legacy have resulted in a pervasive culture that makes womxn feel unsafe in central Johannesburg. Womxn have had to find strategies of survival to allow them to navigate. These strategies entail personal mappings of routes and lines that allow womxn to move through the city. I will examine my journey of […]