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Jacaranda Time: Diagrams of Collaboration

“Our own order is disrupted when we take another’s routines and certainties” Quantum Of Disorder, Hediger, I & Schaschl, S. (2015) Jacaranda Time: Diagrams of Collaboration asks questions concerning the formats and complexities of inter-disciplinary collaborative creative encounters. Exploring through the lens of Jacaranda Time, an inter-disciplinary performance developed in October 2017 as part the 2nd Season for […]


This is a story of migratory proportions and the travels take place in the timeless, surreal space of dreams. The Traveler and her other selves (The Afropolitan, The Afrosettler and The Mapmaker) forge new paths, re-visit engrained routes and imagine a world where contradiction, uncertainty and complexity are the norm. It is an invitation to […]