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2019-20 Embodied Methodologies: Creative Research in the Global South

A central question in Artistic Research relates to the representation of research results: knowledge generated through material processes that are innate to art-making, and within which Artistic Research methodologies are often embedded, usually remain part of the personal realm of the art-maker and are not revealed beyond the artwork that results from these processes.

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Embodied-entanglements | Entangled-embodiments

By Bev Butkow, Benjamin Crooks ,

A creative process that brings together weaving, materials and my embodied rhythms of work. The process manifests in tactile material objects that I call embodied-entanglements.

Monsters & Fossils

By Kristina Johnstone, Thalia Laric, Glen Mudau,

Monsters and Fossils uses the interaction of performers’ bodies and light to explore disappearances and appearances of the body. The dance asks how our imagination can be used to create physical situations that transcend the body’s representation and essentialised notions of identity.

Improvising Khoi’npsalms

By Garth Erasmus, Marietjie Pauw, Francois Blom, Andrea Hayes,

In this compilation that we call Improvising Khoi’npsalms, we as musicians reflect on some of the lingering effects that Khoi’npsalms deposited with us.

Networked Embodiment

By Carly Whitaker, Glen Mudau,

The primary frame for this article is the network that has been established over the past five years through Floating Reverie, an online residency for artists engaging with contemporary new media and digital culture in South Africa.

Building My Internet Universe

By Natalie Paneng, Andrea Hayes,

Hey guys, welcome to my channel. If you’re new to my channel, I hope you like and subscribe. My name is Natalie Paneng and today we are going to be doing a breakdown about the Internet, my alter-egos and embodiment ...

You wouldn’t know God if he spat in your eye

By Sven Christian, Atiyyah Khan, Phumlani Pikoli, Wairimu Muriithi, Kaushik Sunder Rajan, Stacy Hardy, Andrea Hayes,

This project consists of a series of short stories. They are based on each author’s experience of Dumile Feni’s scroll, which spends most of its time wrapped in a padded box in Wits Art Museum’s (WAM) storeroom—a climate-controlled, access-only facility.