DigiCleanse helps alleviate the daily stress of a digital world.

DigiCleanse is a specially adapted tangent of a broader project (Head in the Cloud – Working Title) which takes a fictional look at the effects of the long term exposure to environmental changes caused by mining. DigiCleanse takes a more pointed look at the sub-industries of mining. The website hopes to hint at the absurdities between the origin of the products of mining and the qualities they are imbued with through marketing. This website works within the form of many others like it in its display of objects claiming to bring some kind of relief from the various symptoms of contemporary life. DigiCleanse is an eCommerce website that offers a selection of products and services which help alleviate the daily stress of a digital world. These products and services range from reflective hats and soothing bath salts to offerings of retreats, walks, crystals and bed-time services. Page development: DigiCleanse.

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