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and so we may feel echoes

By Jeremy Bolen, Nina Barnett,

And so we may feel echos is a film and research paper focusing on particulate and the ways in which particles interact with humans, non-humans and landscapes.

Resistance To Ruin – Lithic Encounters

By Brigitta Stone-Johnson, Andrea Hayes,

Have you ever noticed that the wild, or wilderness is always elsewhere? Another place, primordial forest, wild savanna, desert, mountain range unspoiled by the human, thriving elsewhere?

Narratives Of Mobility

By Nkgopoleng Moloi, Glen Mudau, Brigitta Stone-Johnson,

Patriarchy, misogyny and their legacy has resulted in a pervasive culture that makes womxn feel unsafe in central Johannesburg. Womxn have had to find strategies of survival to allow them to navigate. These strategies entail personal mappings of routes and lines that allow womxn to move through the city.

The Bantu Men’s Social Centre (BSMC): Towards a South African Jazz Hauntology

By Brett Pyper, Andrea Hayes,

From the mid 1920s, the Bantu Mens’ Social Centre (BMSC) served as a lively centre of cultural activity for black men – and some women – in Johannesburg, attracting and nurturing many outstanding intellectuals and artists.

8 Seconds in Uneven Numbers

By Dorothee Kreutzfeldt , Laura Seal,

What emerges or is withheld in the demolition of a burnt-out building in the Johannesburg city centre at the end of November 2019? To this day, the cause of a fire at the Bank of Lisbon in September 2018, which lasted for 3 days and led to its implosion, has not been disclosed publicly.

Embodied-entanglements | Entangled-embodiments

By Bev Butkow, Benjamin Crooks ,

A creative process that brings together weaving, materials and my embodied rhythms of work. The process manifests in tactile material objects that I call embodied-entanglements.

Palinopsia / After Image

By Jurgen Meekel, Tegan Bristow,

Palimpsestic connections between the passing of time and the inevitability of death.

Portal: The Letters

By Marianne Thesen Law, Felix Kawitzky, Alana Blignaut,

An archive for interdimensional exploration and paranormal curiosity.