Issue [4] Architectures of the South: Bruising, Wounding, Healing, Remembering, Returning, and Repairing

Issue [4]
Architectures of the South

Architectures of the South, edited by Catalina Mejía Moreno and Huda Tayob, questions what is at stake for architecture and spatial practice to contend with the south as an embodied location of knowledge and power. In this issue, we ask how a return to thinking with bruising, wounding, remembering, returning and repairing, might enable a drawing out of relational, deep and long histories of displacement, violent dispossession and extractive violences; while foregrounding reparative practices as a move towards imagining liveable lives. The works gathered and shared in this issue speak to material, visual, sonic and textual practices across southern territories. They draw together entangled relationships between bodies, the built environment and wider ecologies, alongside sites, spaces and acts of solidarity and care. And they question how we might collectively share and build methodologies, as part of a larger ethical mandate for opening up other ways of knowing and doing.
[…] Special Issue: Johannesburg Lasts

[…] Special Issue
Johannesburg Lasts

Welcome to Johannesburg Lasts, A special issue of the Ellipses Journal for Creative Research and a creative research project spanning two years, Twelve contributors and an editorial collective of seven. The contributions in this issue cover a range of creative research practices focused on specters and hauntings, beginnings and endings, things lost, and legacies that last and linger across the Greater Johannesburg region. The contributions stretch across and compress time and space, speaking to movement and migration, geological and ecological decay, dust and particulate matter, radioactive energies and emerging forms of workplace control.  This issue was edited and facilitated by Naadira Patel, Ruth Sacks, Karin Tan, Skye Quadling, Tara Weber, Andrei van Wyk and Jarrett Erasmus, and was realised with the support and digital expertise of Andrea Hayes, Glen Mudau, Laura Seal, Mitch Said, and Paul Sika.
Issue [3] Embodied Methodologies

Issue [3]
Embodied Methodologies

A central question in Artistic Research relates to the representation of research results: knowledge generated through material processes that are innate to art-making, and within which Artistic Research methodologies are often embedded, usually remain part of the personal realm of the art-maker and are not revealed beyond the artwork that results from these processes.
Issue [2] Open the Gates

Issue [2]
Open the Gates

The theme, Open the Gates suggests an actual and metaphorical opening of new possibilities, new assemblages and relations within sites of knowledge production. The call asked for projects that re-imagine and re-think the manifestation of creative research within the framework of an online journal. Ellipses foregrounds questions of the creative act and the modes of representation and remediation necessary and possible in the spaces of contemporary knowledge production online. Tangential to this thematic are questions of how creative research is measured, conceived and produced within the academy. An opening of the institutional gates and the boundaries of disciplines opens possibilities for the emergence of new and multiple languages, forms and modes of presentation.
Issue [1] Ellipses Journal for Creative Research

Issue [1]
Ellipses Journal for Creative Research

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