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You wouldn’t know God if he spat in your eye

“… an attempt to treat loss productively, by knowing what we can recuperate and what we can’t; what we can learn from absence, but also what we can unlearn through it.” This project consists of a series of short stories. They are based on each author’s experience of Dumile Feni’s scroll, which spends most of […]

Postcolonial Dilemma: Parts I-III

By SPARCK In September 2013, reports started coming out of Kinshasa of a cosmonaut walking the streets at odd times and places. The first sightings were in Lingwala, a neighborhood near the city center. Then came the wildly eroded streets of Kindele quarter; Kimbanseke, home, once, to the prophet Simon Kibangu; Ngwaka, the city’s toughest […]