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Tegan Bristow, Editor in Chief & Digital Editor

Tegan Bristow, Editor in Chief & Digital Editor Tegan Bristow is an interactive media artist and Senior Lecturer in Interactive Digital Media at the Digital Arts Division of the University of Witwatersrand. Bristow is co-founder and 2016 – 2020 Director of the Fak’ugesi African Digital Arts Festival. Bristow has an MA from Wits University in […]

Editorial Board

[…] Ellipses Journal of Creative Research is managed by an Editor in Chief and Digital Editor, currently both roles are held by Dr. Tegan Bristow. The Editor in Chief is supported by an Editorial Board made up of Wits School of Arts, non Wits affiliated Regional members and non Wits affiliated International members. Each issue is edited […]

Call for Submissions

[…] Ellipses Journal acts to use the multi-media and interactive online spaces of the internet in the presentation of possibilities and potentials for publishing of creative and artistic research. Creative practice outside of creative writing is presented and engaged with via physical exhibitions, live performances, on site installations, collaborative developments, etc.  And yet when presented as […]

About Ellipses

ISSN :2788-841X   […] is the title of the journal / online platform. In part, […] denotes a grammatical convention used to signal omitted elements from a text. As a title, […] is unpronounceable, resists being easily saved as a file or turned into a URL. But it is precisely for these deviant features that […]

Embodied-entanglements | Entangled-embodiments

– please note this is a pre review and in process presentation for Issue III

Jacaranda Time: Diagrams of Collaboration

“Our own order is disrupted when we take another’s routines and certainties” Quantum Of Disorder, Hediger, I & Schaschl, S. (2015) Jacaranda Time: Diagrams of Collaboration asks questions concerning the formats and complexities of inter-disciplinary collaborative creative encounters. Exploring through the lens of Jacaranda Time, an inter-disciplinary performance developed in October 2017 as part the 2nd Season for […]

Palinopsia / After Image

“An exploration of the tension between permanence and impermanence.” “Death and time were always in alliance.” – John Berger (1984). In Palinopsia / After Image, I am making reference to both a performed installation piece and the online adaptation of this time related concept. Palinopsia (Palin > again + ōps > eye) is defined as a visual disorder in […]