Tag: Open The Gates


60+: Queer, Old Joburg

By Jonathan Cane, Mishka Naidoo, Andrea Hayes,

A living archive of older queer residents in Joburg.

Jacaranda Time: Diagrams of Collaboration

By Mwenya B. Kabwe, Cameron Harris, Tegan Bristow,

Exploring the formats and complexities of inter-disciplinary collaborative creative encounters.

Palinopsia / After Image

By Jurgen Meekel, Tegan Bristow,

Palimpsestic connections between the passing of time and the inevitability of death.

Portal: The Letters

By Marianne Thesen Law, Felix Kawitzky, Alana Blignaut,

An archive for interdimensional exploration and paranormal curiosity.

Re-Thinking Education as Conversation

By Thulile Gamedze, Alana Blignaut,

Unpicking the language of capitalism and exploring the continued exile of the fugitive as an action of decoloniality.