The selected platform that the artist chooses for their residency becomes the context for the viewer and their body of work. It determines the type of behaviour that they will perform and how the viewer will engage with each daily ‘check-in. These contexts, where the artists situate their content and how the viewer views it, become a site of meaning-making, generating meaning through the different contexts and behaviours. The artist, the viewer, and the residency are not isolated from the context, or site, of the residency. The very acts performed by the artist – their practice – are related to the site where the viewer sees and engages the work.

“The significance of understanding the Internet rhetorically as a folk system is its suggestion of ways that technology allows everyone to enact, and alter, in some form tradition, whether thought of digitally or analytically.”
- Simon J. Bronner, Digitizing and Virtualizing Folklore (2009)

The different platforms offer a variety of behaviours and engagements, each having their own unique context and meaning. On Instagram, for example, a general post on a profile is associated with content which is more permanent, more considered, and curated by the artist. This is different to an Instagram Story which is associated with content that is more fleeting or frivolous, more temporary, lasting only 24 hours. As the //2Weeks residency network has evolved and expanded over the past five years, the contexts that the artists have chosen determine the type of behaviour that reflects contemporary trends and concerns of the online medium.

“To be is to be updated: to update and to be subjected to the update. The update is central to disrupting and establishing context and habituation, to creating new habits of dependency.”
- Wendy Hui Kyong Chun, Updating to Remain the Same, Habitual New Media (2016)

These new habits are unique to the context the artist is producing in. The context of their residency, of the habitual practice is a digital embodiment of the performance, forming part of the network that Floating Reverie establishes. For ‘contextual’ I have identified three artists whose connections are reflected on the map. Once selected their residency will pop up in a separate window.

Tiger Maremela
These are the memes that will save us.

Maremela created unique memes daily based on South African cultures, politics and contemporary issues or concerns. He plays with the medium and incites engagement from his followers using myths, pop culture references, catchphrases and legendary material. Through this, he creates a space for a unique voice to emerge in meme culture using Instagram as a context.

14 vases

ISSIISSA conducted interviews with various artists and thinkers and used these interviews to create digital 3D, architectural forms of each person, revealing the process of making and the results on Instagram. She positioned her content both as Instagram Stories and Instagram Posts. Each form was a performance from the process of interviewing, the making of the 3D objects, to navigating through them

Tabita Rezaire
(‿ꜟ‿) LOOK @ HER BUTT (‿ꜟ‿) digital thoughts on twerk

Rezaire investigated and researched twerking culture and how it was perceived in Johannesburg South Africa and online. She created daily videos, combining interviews with people in Johannesburg and online content. Each video becomes a performance through YouTube referencing online culture and behaviour.