The //2Weeks residency becomes a space for the habitual making and producing on a daily basis throughout the residency. Habitual also refers to the way we, as users, behave online: checking-in, liking, sharing, and refreshing continuously.

“Through habits users become their machines: they stream, update, capture, upload, share, grind, link, verify, map, save, trash, and troll. Repetition breeds expertise, even as it breeds boredom.”
- Wendy Hui Kyong Chun, Updating to Remain the Same, Habitual New Media (2016)

The artists who have participated in Floating Reverie producing content daily through a specific context which frames their practice, repeated engaging with or becoming the machine. The digital space becomes their studio. The practice is repeated or iterative, changing as the residency progresses over the period of two weeks, building on each day, and culminating in a body of work. The habitual behaviour and practice in this space is an embodied act of creating and manifesting through a digital medium.

“Habits are creative anticipations based on past repetitions that make network maps the historical future. Through habits, networks are scaled, for individual tics become indications of collective inclinations.”
- Wendy Hui Kyong Chun, Updating to Remain the Same, Habitual New Media (2016)

The artists engage and use these “individual tics” such as liking, sharing etc which are “indications of collective inclinations”. Through repeated behaviour the artists reflect, echo, and comment on collective habitual behaviour online. For ‘habitual’ I have identified three artists Tiger Maremela, Brooklyn J Pakathi and I S S I I S S A whose residency and description you can view below.

Tiger Maremela
These are the memes that will save us.

Maremela created unique memes daily based on South African cultures, politics and contemporary issues or concerns. He plays with the medium and incites engagement from his followers using myths, pop culture references, catchphrases and legendary material. Through this, he creates a space for a unique voice to emerge referencing the habitual act of making memes, engaging with them and sharing this viral content.

Brooklyn J Pakathi
my weight in grams

Pakathi created an Instagram story for each day which addressed online validation on Instagram. Using Instagram Stories, Pakathi created temporary iterations engaging with Internet culture, online validation and recognition. He uses the form of the medium and our habitual engagement with it as a frame for his practice. Pakathi’s practice embodies the behaviours and habits of the medium, integrating tags, like, shares, notifications, comments and simulating interactions on a profile, whilst using the temporal nature of Instagram Stories.

I S S I I S S A 14 vases

ISSIISSA conducted interviews with various artists and thinkers and used these interviews to create digital 3D, architectural forms of each person, revealing the process of making and the results on Instagram. She positioned her content both as Instagram Stories and Instagram Posts. Each form was a performance from the process of interviewing, the making of the 3D objects, to navigating through them.