Corner Loving

This assemblage is not determinable by singular narratives

"I still think of how we loved each other."

Corner Loving


The Corner Loving Project and the work of MADEYOULOOK is prompted by a diversity and accumulation of history, years of exposure to popular culture, politics, knowledges and home, formal education, family, learning and unlearning.
This assemblage is not determinable by singular narratives, disciplines or languages. This assemblage also exists in physicality, online and in the imagination.
This ZIP is a miscellanea, of relevant and disconnected information.

Launch Project



Muholi, Zanele

Rose, Tracy

Hlobo, Nicholas

Yizo Yizo

emzini wezinsizwa

Bophelo ke sempheko

Can Themba

Phaswne Mpe

Sandile Dikeni

Ehashi elimhlope

Caiphus Semenya and Letha Mbulu


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